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We are the Australia distributor for

Proview Database Utility
by Prosoft International

We sell and support this product and
can arrange a no obligation free trial

Get direct access to your data
No need to write programs to correct data
Have an alternative to Query to see data
Access data by Primary or Logical files
Scan for occurrence or access by key or RRN

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PROVIEW is one of the most powerful and cost effective file editing and reporting utilities available for the IBM iSeries and AS400.

With Proview you can:-
• Display and maintain records in any AS400 database file, automatically formatting the record into component fields. No initial setup or compilation is required.
• Create customized programs to do the same. These programs can be used on their own or defined to link with other programs (PROVIEW created or otherwise). Simple applications can then be built automatically for search, inquiry or maintenance functions.

Proview features:-
Fast - Compared to other utilities available, PROVIEW is considerably faster.
Easy to use - Simple command ‘VIEW mylib/myfile’ is all that is required. No learning curve.
Subfile Update - Instantly provides a powerful subfile update screen with all maintenance options.
Audit Trail - PROVIEW can save “Before &/or After” images of all changes made. These may be printed or held in an output file.
Security - Extensive options available to control user access in addition to OS400 security.
Help Text - An extensive user manual is available on-line and may be printed.
Batch Reports -VIEW command and created programs can be run in batch to produce quick and simple reports.
Logical Views -Data Base Relations screens shows any dependent logical views of a physical with full key, select/omit specs and maintenance (*REBLD/*DLY) inf.
Attributes - Field definitions (DDS) can be displayed, printed or overridden.

PROVIEW has been in extensive use throughout finance and industry worldwide for many years and has established an enthusiastic user base of blue chip companies.

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